Different Shower Curtain: DIY Tutorial

shower curtain diy tutorial

In its previous life this shower curtain used to be three bed sheets, so I can officially add this tutorial to my collection of repurposed-recycled DIY tutorials, and look as money-saving  very environment conscious person.

I wanted to have a shower curtain with style – layers of fabric falling in kind of “balloon-swag-manner” (I have no idea how to describe the style of this curtain that you see on the picture on the left. Friends, if you can help me here – PLEASE, HELP!).

I love white. My husband wants more color. (Never ending issue for negotiations between us regarding interior looks at our home.) Solution? Curtain that is big part white (it is still I who makes it!) and has colorful layers of fabric on its down part (for the sake of peace at home… And well – actually I love the play of colors on MY curtain).
Blue and gray stripes and layers felt right for our bathroom that has dark-green-blue-mix color carpet.

Now, when our super tiny, nearly dangerously claustrophobic bathroom (only 3.45 square meters!!!! This picture was made in our living room because there was no space to make any picture inside the bathroom) has been given this new, rich look – I feel so proud happy and am willing to add another DIY tutorial post to this blog to be helpful to humankind and share the TUTORIAL of HOW TO MAKE SUCH SHOWER CURTAIN. As the minimum goal – I aim to inspire some people of this wonderful DIY tribe to create different kind of (shower) curtains.


Materials used:
* Approximately 3 bed sheets no longer needed for their original purpose, or whatever fabric you have available (picture 1).
* Vinyl shower curtain for the lining, and rings to attach the curtain to the curtain rod.
* If you want to paint your bed sheets or fabric – some dye paint of preferred color. (I tore one sheet in narrower panels and dyed one of them in light blue color, other one – dark gray. The sheet with stripes remained as it was, fitting nicely to my color scheme).
* Piece of ribbon for the loops to attach the rings to the curtain.
* Whatever else is needed for the process of sewing (sewing slaves,  cup of tasty tea, good music, scissors, pins, thread, sewing machine etc).

Sew shower curtain DIY tutorial

STEP 1: Measure your shower and/or bathtub and decide on the size of the curtain you would like to have. Then cut the fabric accordingly.
shower curtain diy tutorial schemeHere is the scheme of how I made the measurements and proportions of my shower curtain – it can be helpful for figuring out the fabric proportions that you would need.

Please note: The top layer of fabric curtain is made out of white fabric. That´s why for the inner layer main panel I also used white fabric (to avoid that other color would shine through the top layer). The colorful panels are sewn on the bottom of this inner layer panel (see the scheme in the attachment).

STEP 2: Hem the top, bottom and side edges of all 4 colorful panels. At first, fold 1 cm (0.4″) edge and then fold it again, pin it (picture 2), iron and sew (picture 3).
You need to hem the same way also the bottom and sides of top layer white curtain and inner curtain´s main panel.

How to make shower curtain tutorial

Step 3: Create the ruffled balloon-looking-swags. Decide the distance between ruffled lines you would like to have. And draw the orthogonal lines of about 20 cm (7.9″) at the bottom of top layer curtain and on each of 4 colorful panels (picture 4).

Note about my curtain (you can choose to do differently with yours): I had 37 cm distance between each 2 ruffled lines. Each panel had 6 ruffled lines. The distance between the first (or the last for odd numbered panels) ruffled line and the side of the curtain was half of usual distance (18 cm or 7.1″), because I wanted to have mismatching ruffled lines on the completed curtain. So I sewed ruffled lines on each next panel in the middle of the balloon swag when compared to the previous ruffled panel (see the drawing in the scheme in the attachment by step 1).

When you have marked all the ruffled lines (20 cm or 7.9″ long), make the top thread on your sewing machine to be very loose and sew on each line, full length (picture 5). Then pull the bottom thread to create the ruffles (picture 6), and fix the thread so that ruffled line remains in the length you want it to be. The ruffled sewn line should be half of the original line – that is 10 cm (3.9″) long (picture 7).

Upcycled unique shower curtain tutorial
Step 4:
 Put back the normal tension for the thread on your sewing machine and sew along the ruffled line on both sides (picture 8). Then pull out the thread in the middle that created the ruffle. Now 1 ruffled line for balloon-swag is completed (picture 9). Repeat the same activities for all lines that need to get ruffles.

STEP 5: When you have made all ruffled lines for balloon-swags on top curtain and each colorful panel, you can sew the 4 colorful panels on the inner curtain layer. See the scheme in the attachment (by step 1), where the drawing has the lines of the distance on the inner layer fabric for sewing on 4 colorful panels (22 cm (8.7″) between each panel).

Shower curtain diy 6Step 6: Make bias tape that in its final stage is 3 cm (1.2″) wide.
Then put the top layer of the curtain on the inner layer (in the way your completed curtain needs to look) and sew the bias tape so that it connects both layers as 1 curtain (picture 10).

STEP 7:   Create the folds on the top of the curtain.

Note regarding my curtain: for the curtain I made, the width of the curtain so far was 240 cm (94.5″), which was 1.6 times longer than the width of the curtain rod (150 cm or 59.1″). I wanted the curtain to be a bit wider: 1.2 times (making new width to be 180 cm (70.9″)) bigger than the length of curtain rod so that completed curtain would have nice drape. I needed to decrease the width from 240 cm (94.5″) to 180 cm (70.9″), which made 60 cm (23.6″) decrease.
As I had 12 rings for the curtain rod (which was the amount of holes in my vinyl curtain), I calculated that for each curtain ring I needed to create the fold of 5 cm.

Please, check how big should be the folds for your curtain (as it depends on the size of the final curtain and the amount of rings that you need) and adjust your calculations accordingly. 

Shower curtain tutorial diy 4

Create the fold on the top of the curtain, pin it and sew the line (on the back side of the curtain) that is as long as your bias tape on the top of the curtain (picture 11). Repeat for each fold.

Now open the fold and then fold it so that half of it would be on each side of the sewn line on the facing side of the curtain, then pin it (picture 12). Sew along the edges of the fold (picture 13), but NOT ON THE TOP OF THE CURTAIN. You will need the opening there to insert the ribbon for attaching the rings.

Shower curtain diy 5

STEP 8: Cut the ribbon – same amount as rings that you have for curtain rod (picture 14). Then insert both ends of the ribbon inside the opening of the fold on the top of the curtain, so that you create the loop from the ribbon. Then sew it to the curtain (picture 15). Repeat for each loop that you need to make.

STEP 9: The most satisfying step of shower curtain tutorial diythe tutorial (picture 16) – put your curtain (adding vinyl curtain as lining) up on the curtain rod! And enjoy the results of your wonderful work!:-)

Now, consider yourself being warned: don´t be surprised if your new curtain will become the reason why you want to make more changes in your bathroom. In my case – I had to get new towels that matched the curtain´s colors. Then it became clear that we also needed to make new shelves, take away previous ones, design different boxes to store bath belongings, and find fancier candles for enjoying our claustrophobic bathing with home spa flavor.

If you are curious to see more tutorials for curtains, then make sure you get the next posts that will appear on this blog in the nearest future. I am currently redoing the curtains for our home, and I will certainly remain in the mood to show off share my creations with you.

Meanwhile you might want to check out more interior tutorials of how to make your own lampshades – like this BOHEMIAN STYLE LAMPSHADE and this easy to make LACE LAMPSHADE.

This project is added to Craft Schooling Sunday link party.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this tutorial!

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6 Responses to Different Shower Curtain: DIY Tutorial

  1. Anjieya says:

    I like this.. Wanna to have curtains like this for my room. I bookmark it for later.

  2. handstitch says:

    Remind me of theatre curtains. I love your choices. Very chic. Thanks for another terrific DIY! :D

  3. love it….and who doesn’t have some old sheets that they couldn’t get rid of! now you just need a bath mat/rug crocheted from some sheets! would love it if you’d stop by my crafty linky party now thru Wednesday. all the best!

  4. noOFFbutton says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful shower curtain! That type of idea could help “girl up” a shared bathroom with my kiddo’s without taking too much boy out of it. Love it!

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