Bohemian Lampshade: DIY Tutorial

bohemian lampshade bedroomThis BOHEMIAN STYLE LAMPSHADE I made for my (kind of) BOUDOIR style bedroom, and I hope that this tutorial and pictures will INSPIRE you to make your own lampshades – it is EASY and DOABLE.

I just LOOOOOVE how this lampshade has the look of feminine HOT AIR BALLOON (especially when the lights are on), don´t you think so? I wanted it to look like a strawberry and whipped cream cake – I think I managed it :-)

I had no success in my search of ready-made pendant lampshade that would fit my design wishes. And so I started to hunt for the thrift store lampshades that would have such shape that I could envision to dress up with that tasty sounding BOHO touch.
I got an old, big, round and very dusty lampshade that could have been made in 60-ies. I tore off the fabric from the lampshade right outside the thrift store as I did not want to bring home some 50 years of dust.
I wish I had made the picture of how the original lampshade looked when I bought it, but in those times I was going around without camera (it did not come to my mind then that some day I might be sharing my crafty adventures via Internet).

I hope you will benefit from seeing the pictures of this lampshade making process (also if you would decide that this is a great example of “how-NOT-to-do-something”) and will be inspired to create anything you wish to create!


Boho Lampshade tutorial scheme

NOTE 1: See the scheme of the lampshade that is in this attachment. It contains explanation about each level.

Two lines that are knitted with eyelash yarn can be made out of any kind of fabric (best of all if it has half transparent texture to let the light shine through). I chose knitted version (picture 3), because I wanted to make big loops that would give enough light, while the yarn created nice colorful light.

Lampshade itself is divided into 5 horizontal lines of materials:

1st Level: dark red fabric on the top (picture 5).
2nd Level: knitted red eyelash yarn line (picture 3).
3rd Level: the widest line – central part sewn with vertical lines of floral fabric and 10 lines of lace (pictures 1 and 2), embellished with red beaded garlands (repurposed from Christmas decorations).
4th Level: knitted line of coral color eyelash yarn.
5th Level: made of two layers – white lace fabric lined with light violet fabric (picture 10). I chose to have two fabrics for the lowest level because having only the white lace was letting too much light shine through it (not so appropriate for a bohemian lampshade).

How to make Bohemian Lampshade tutorial

NOTE 2: While pinning together all the horizontal lines of the materials (picture 4) – I was checking how much the light was shining through the cover when the electricity was on (picture 5), just to be sure I would be satisfied with the amount of light it gave.

NOTE 3: The middle line (floral fabric and lace stripes) I had to adapt to the width of the lamp also after I had sewn all the vertical lines together. It was helpful that the 10th line of floral fabric was cut in two parts, plus seam allowance (picture 6), so I could pull it more together where it was necessary, to make sure that it covered tightly the carcass of lampshade.
When I was satisfied with the fit of the cover – I sewed the cover together by hand (picture 7).

Tutorial of How to make Bohemian Boho Lampshade or Lantern

NOTE 4: This lampshade had something like a crown (picture 8) that could be mounted on its down part. I painted it white, then wrapped it in a piece of molleton that was slightly wider than the crown part, so I could sew the lace on it (picture 8). I chose such lace that had pattern perfectly fitting the size of the crown. The flat seam  on picture 9 looks rather big, but in reality it is not so visible.

NOTE 5: When I put on the crown on the lampshade, I added the big beaded garland at the place where crown was connected to lampshade (picture 10).

How to make unique diy lampshade tutorial

NOTE 6: I wanted to have even richer look of this lampshade, so I sewed pearl beaded garland on the coral color knitted line (picture 11).

NOTE 7: When I looked at the hanging lampshade, I still had a feeling that I would need to add another detail to make it look even more bohemian and special, so I added the hanging ornament that you can see on the pictures below. This ornament has a very practical function – when it is pulled down it works as the switch for the light.

There is a SEPARATE tutorial that explains HOW TO MAKE BOHEMIAN STYLE ORNAMENT.

lampshade boho unique

If my projects look unusual or strange, then it is because I approach crafts with letting the flow of imagination and creativity carry me wherever they take me (well, there are quite some times when this approach does not bring any satisfactory result). The side effect is that such journey increases my own risk tolerance when NOT aiming for perfection, but aiming to have lots of fun during creation process and playing with materials of different textures and colors. And if at the end I am not satisfied with the result – I anyway have learned something, and – I am always free to get my hands and imagination busy with the next weird project :-)

I love making lampshades. You can see two more tutorials of my lamps – LACE LAMPSHADE for our dining nook and UNIQUE GOLDEN LAMPSHADE that I made for the table in one corner of our living room.

And I love BOHEMIAN STYLE, so there will be more posts with tutorials about the interior objects I have made for my bedroom.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this tutorial!

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15 Responses to Bohemian Lampshade: DIY Tutorial

  1. Arcly says:

    This is really great. I love the white lace.

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  3. Glenda M says:

    WOW, I love it. Gives Tiffany a rin for their money. TFS

  4. GJ Amber says:

    This is just totally lovely gorgeous!

  5. Susan Spiers says:

    I luv these, how creative you sre!

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  7. kim kreutzberg says:

    WOW!!!!…you have totally inspired me…I recently found a wire form from an old hanging lamp i had from years ago…guess what i’ll be doing in my spare time???….thanks for the great tut and pics!!!…your lampshade came out beautifully!!!!…i can only hope that mine will be as lovely!!

  8. Tasaribell says:

    Wonnnnnderfulll.. very beatifull.. congratulations!!

  9. Reblogged this on butterscotchtabby and commented:
    I absolutely love and adore this. This is going in to my studio ASAP!

  10. I love your blog, so inspiring! There’s a scarcity of bohemian DIY over the net, so finding you is absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for adding me, I’m following you back.

  11. Anjieya says:

    I like this blog! I was looking how to make DIY lamp, and this lamp so beautiful. It is inspiring me.

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