Bohemian Ornament: DIY Tutorial


Bohemian diy crochet ornament beadsDo you want to see the DIY tutorial about how easy it is to make UNIQUE BOHEMIAN ORNAMENT that adds special BOHO TOUCH to your interior?

This statement piece (here you see again – I am not modest when speaking of my creations) is partly made of recycled materialsplastic bottle, pieces of beaded garlands from Christmas decorations, and some plastic beads from old and torn apart necklace. Everything holdstogether by small bits of different yarn that is crocheted with the easiest single crochet stitch. Working tools – crochet hook, sewing needle, some tape and tiny scraps of batting material and fabric, and a piece of cord.

This Charming Darling can be used alone as ornament on its own for whatever occasion or purpose one designs it. And it can be a detail belonging to the bigger object in your interior.

My choice of colors was influenced by that bigger interior object to which I needed to add this ornament detail.

bohemian DIY ornament

Can you guess what was that other interior object for which I made this Boho touch? I can add a hint to make the guess easier – the bigger thing also belongs to my Boho obsession that I have been trying to bring into my bedroom.

The OPTIONS ARE COUNTLESS, when even the sky is NO LIMIT. It is all up to imagination, creativity and increasing own risk tolerance when NOT aiming for perfection, but for having lots of fun during creation process and playing with materials of different textures and colors.


STEP 1: I started with the empty juice bottle (picture 1) that had a perfect shape for the purpose I needed it. I wanted it to have a nice round bottom, so I filled the hole (you can see it on picture 1) with some scraps of batting material and attached them with tape to the bottom of bottle (picture 2).
For the top of the bottle I needed a rounder shape, so I added extra volume by the same scraps of batting material that I tied to the bottle’s cap (picture 3) and then cut off the excess of the material (picture 4).

recycled materials to make bohemian ornament

STEP 2: I picked the colors and texture of yarn that were fitting to the main object belonging to my Bohemian obsession.  And then I crocheted yarn with single crochet stitch only, adding and decreasing the amount of stitches accordingly to the shape of the bottle. Each crocheted part I was working on – I was putting on and off the bottle many times to measure, if the amount of increased stitches created shape that fitted well.

To cover the whole bottle nicely I needed to create the crocheted coat in three separate parts – light color hat-type of cover for the cap, collar for the neck of the bottle (two colors), and the pink, round half-ball shape for the bottom of the bottle (picture 5).

Beaded boho ornaments DIY tutorial

STEP 3: Once the cover for the bottle was crocheted, I sewed on different beads – separately for each crochet part. The pink bottom part was embellished with bead garland pieces from Christmas tree decoration (picture 7), same story for part of the collar (picture 6) to which I added more beads from an old necklace. Beads of another non-functioning necklace I sewed on the cap´s part.

STEP 4: Once all the beads were attached to the crocheted coat for the bottle, I sewed all three parts together (picture 8).

Unique bohemian ornament DIY tutorial

STEP 5: I cut a long strip of fabric (5 cm wide) to make the cover for the rope that would connect this ornament to it’s bigger “mamma”-object. To create the look of ruffled cover, the rope’s length needed to be much shorter than the length of the fabric strip that covered it.
I folded the fabric in half lengthwise and sewed it together on the longest edge (picture 9), then turned it inside out, so the seam would be inside this fabric tube.

I made a loop on one side of the rope, to be able to attach it to the ornament. Then I pulled the rope inside the fabric tube (picture 10) and closed one side of it, that I then sewed together and attached to the ornament (you can see the ruffled fabric cover of rope on picture 11 top).

Ta dah! The Boho ornament was completed! :-)

LAST NOTE on bohemian objects that will follow:

My bedroom is getting dressed up in a style that has some boudoir touch. If you are curious to see the whole bohemian project for which this ornament was created – make sure you get the next posts on this blog because one of them will certainly contain a tutorial for making more and bigger Boho
WARNING – it is not for every person’s taste, but it surely can be inspiring for having more ideas about experimenting and playing with different textures and colors.

Meanwhile – if you are into experimenting with colors and texture – there is also a tutorial for making UNIQUE LAMPSHADE. And if you would like to see another recycled statement decoration project – check out this tutorial for GIANT CROCHET GARLAND.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this tutorial!

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3 Responses to Bohemian Ornament: DIY Tutorial

  1. handstitch says:

    Wow. It’s beautiful. I love your step-by-step tutorial. Now…must carve out some time to play with this. Thanks for another great DIY project :D

  2. Sweet website, super pattern, real clean and apply friendly.

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