7 DIY Tips: Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

If you make crochet decorations for your home, it is worth to know these 7 tips of how to achieve good result when stiffening your crochet ornaments.

My crocheted white snowflake ornaments are fixed with small magnets on our Magnet Frame for Art, while BIG DARK BLUE SNOWFLAKES are attached to the wall. These dark crochet snowflakes catch the attention, and also accent the decoration of white snowflakes on the dark magnet frame. The biggest DARK SNOWFLAKE is 26 cm in diameter, while the smallest WHITE SNOWFLAKE (on the very left down corner of the frame) is 8 cm in diameter.

As these snowflakes are made to be put on the flat surface, they are 2 dimensional. But it is also possible to use the same patterns for making 3 dimensional snowflakes for hanging them. If you are want to know how – see this tutorial about making 3D Crochet Snowflakes that make excellent gifts and ornaments.


TIP 1: Draw a graph that includes the most important beams of your snowflake. You can draw it either directly on the carton box or on the separate sheet that you attach to the box (picture 1).
My snowflakes have 6 symmetric beams with small decorations between them, so my graph has 12 regular beams. I have also marked the circles as reference points for fixing all meaningful points of snowflake at correct distance from the center.

TIP 2: Wrap the carton box in the plastic (picture 1).
If you plan to use the same plastic wrap layer for drying several snowflakes one after another – check after taking off snowflake, if the surface of plastic is clean enough to pin the next snowflake on it. If it is not – you risk to end up with next dry snowflakes containing excess dry glue from previous snowflakes. If you see that dried glue residue is kind of big – put another layer on plastic on top of this layer.

TIP 3: There are several methods to stiffen ornaments. I have been using fabric stiffener or mix of white glue with water 1:1 (this option certainly is much cheaper and achieves the same result as store bought stiffener).
If you apply this mix on your COLORFUL ornaments, you will see that glue mix makes your ornaments look white (picture 1). Do not worry – when glue dries, it becomes transparent (picture 2).

TIP 4: If you work with WHITE or LIGHT COLOR Snowflake Ornaments – make sure you use steel pins that have no rust and would not get rusty. Not paying attention to this detail might cost you getting a snowflake that has rusty spots on it. (Nobody likes yellow snow, right?…).

TIP 5: If you are stiffening BIG ORNAMENTS then you need a big surface to do it. Carton box is good. When putting several ornaments on it at the same time – it turns out that there are only 3 sides of the box (picture 3) that can be used (so that no ornament would be underneath the box, while pinning the next ornament on the top side).

For making 3D crochet ornaments – see this post about making 3D CROCHET ORNAMENTS where you can find more useful tips for creating unique gifts and decoration items.

TIP 6: The thicker the yarn of your ornaments, the more glue you will need for stiffening them, and the longer time to dry is necessary. These ornaments (pictures 4-6) were left to dry overnight, while the smallest white snowflakes needed only 5 hours to dry.

TIP 7: Stiffened crochet ornaments, even those that are attached to flat surface might change their shape with time – depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. You can always correct their shape by twisting them with your hands into desired shape. If you want to store 2 dimensional ornaments – make sure they are laying flat in covered box and have plastic between them.

The most wonderful thing about crocheted ornaments is that the possibilities are endless – one can create new shapes and images that fit own mood and design wishes.

If you like to make STATEMENT DECORATIONS for your home – you might also find inspiring this tutorial about making UNIQUE CROCHET ORNAMENT LAMPSHADE.

And if you enjoy crocheting BIG THINGS, then there is a tutorial for making GIANT CROCHET GARLAND WITH CRYSTALS that attracts attention from your visitors and creates rainbow reflections when sun shines through your window.

Are there some more tips on this subject that you can add? If so – please, leave a comment! Need a help with working on your crochet project – do let me know!

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9 Responses to 7 DIY Tips: Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

  1. Morgan Sin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Katie says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing.
    Katie x

  3. Janette says:

    Wow your snowflakes look amazing, I want to make some of these before Christmas, thanks so much for sharing your tips!

  4. Mari says:

    I would love to have the patterns for these! where do I get them? The snowflakes are very pretty!

    • Thank you, Mari! Do you mean dark snowflakes or white ones?
      Pattern for one of middle size white snowflakes is included in my post about 3D Crochet Snowflakes. The link is in this post above. I have photos and written down pattern for two more whites snowflakes, so I will try to post tomorrow pattern for at least one of them.
      Dark snowflakes I was designing while crocheting them, but the patterns are quite complicated to explain, I have not yet figured out how to do it the best. So I am not ready yet to post patterns for dark ones.
      I invite you to come back tomorrow evening and check if there is new post about another snowflake pattern.

  5. Switching from white snowflakes on a dark background to dark snowflakes on a white background is very eye-catching. And to think of combining that idea with gradually increasing the snowflakes’ sizes from small to large, brilliant!! :D

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