Recycle DIY: Giant Crochet Garland Decoration

Do you want some inspiration for making a STATEMENT DECORATION PIECE for winter season at your home? If you are curious, then read on!

I love GIANT DECORATIONS and I love crystals. I enjoy crocheting with HUGE hook and BIG yarn – it goes SO FAST! Even better when doing it with RECYCLED materials which means LOW COSTS or NO COSTS.

And once the crystals are hanging in the window – sun rays shining through them make wonderful rainbow spots on walls, floor and ceiling that cheer up anybody who sees them. Having a GIANT DECORATION in the right place – one can be sure to have made a statement. (We get comments on our garland from every visitor.)
I made our giant garland last year for Christmas time. I thought that during the year I would take the crystals off to use for some other decoration project. Luckily, that was not necessary and crystals remained attached to garland. This year I was very happy to get my garland darling up again. This time on other window – by our dining table, and next to our huge Advent calendar that contains our photos of the nicest memories of year 2011.


A. Old t-shirts or any other jersey type of fabric that you don’t need anymore. It even can be synthetic – for garland that suits very well. (I used white color T-shirt yarn to achieve snowflake look). Or you can also use any white color yarn scraps left over from other projects – they can be of different texture, shade etc. Just put them together to create a thick yarn.
B. Crochet hook – the thicker the yarn, the bigger crochet hook is needed. (My crochet hook was size 9mm, but it was not big enough for my yarn, so I had to crochet loosely.)
It is a BIG PLEASURE to crochet with huge hook and yarn – it goes so FAST! :-)
C. Crystals (real or fake) from old chandelier or Christmas decorations, or jewelry that nobody wears.
D. Thread and needle to attach the crystals to garland.
E. Pins or strings to fix the garland to the wall or curtain rod.


Step 1: Make yarn from the t-shirt or jersey fabric. Or – put together those scrap yarns that you have chosen.
There are many places on Internet that show how to make yarn from t-shirt. There is a good tutorial on Craft Passion.
Step 2: Choose crochet edge pattern that you like. (I took mine from some 30 years old crochet magazine where it was described as decorative edge for curtains.)
If necessary – adjust the pattern to your wishes – the length and how you want it to look. (In my pattern

I changed some details to make the lace look more like a row of snowflake halves, and added additional chain stitches between the main motives to increase the length of whole garland.
Step 3: Crochet the garland.
Step 4: Sew  or tie the crystals to the garland.
Step 5: Use pins or strings to hang up the garland in the chosen place.

Ta Daa – garland is ready! :-)

If you like to make statement decorations for your home – you might also find inspiring this tutorial about making Unique Lampshade.
And if you enjoy crocheting snowflakes, then there is a tutorial for making 3 Dimensional Snowflakes that attract a lot of attention and make WONDERFUL GIFTS even for the most spoiled family members or friends who already have nearly everything.

What are your favorite decoration items for your home?

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2 Responses to Recycle DIY: Giant Crochet Garland Decoration

  1. lindacee says:

    That would look so great above the alcove in my room, I could make it lavender or lime green to match my quilt! My favorite decorations have to be shells, candle holders (the kind you can decorate yourself) and anything glass (especially in vibrant colors)

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