How To Make Magnet Frame for Art: DIY Tutorial

Magnet frame for art has a look of canvas frame and makes it very easy to change art on it in few minutes.

When designing own home one CAN choose the FRAME and THE CONTENT of what to put into it! I love variety. I love to change the looks of the walls that surround me. And I like BIG things. My collection of drawings (most of them 100x70cm) keeps growing. And I like changing the pictures to be fast and easy, without effort of putting up/taking off the heavy picture frames (that also require a storage space when they are not on the wall).
SOLUTION?! Make a wooden frame that looks like canvas (see picture 5 on tutorial below), cover it with magnet paint. Then use small, strong and cute magnets to attach paper and fabric art.

You can see here, how this FRAME GETS A NEW LOOK for Christmas season when it has WINTER DECOR.



A. Magnet paint, brush and painting roll (picture 1).
B. Strong and cute magnets (we used disc magnets, diameter & height 5 mm, strength of 900g). We bought them online from
C. Wooden board in the size of desired frame (as most of my art is 100×70 cm big, I wanted to have frame that is at least 8cm bigger on each side from the painting, so my board is 116x86cm and 0.5 cm thick).
D. Wooden borders (4 pieces) to create the effect of canvas, 2 of them fitting the length of the board, 2 of them fitting the width of the board. (So, 2 of mine are 116 cm long, 2 others are 86 cm long, all are 4.6 cm wide and 1.8 cm thick).
E. Hooks for hanging picture frame (amount depends on how you prefer to hang it – I used 2 hooks) and wire (picture 4).
F. Saw, glue for wood, and soft padding circles to protect the wall.

Description of how to make magnet frame for easy-to-change-art is below pictures.

Tutorial of how to make Magnet Frame for Art with style.STEPS OF WHAT WE DID TO MAKE MAGNET FRAME FOR ART:

1. He cut off triangles at 45 degree angle from both sides of edges of wooden borders, so that when putting together every two borders they would form a 90 degrees angle fitting edges of main wooden board (picture 2)

2. He glued each border to the edge of wooden board (picture 3), fixing them with screw clamps until glue dried.

3. Then board and its borders got covered with magnet paint (picture 5). We needed at least 5 coats of magnet paint, to be sure that magnets would hold the heavy paper on the board. After each layer of paint dried, we tested the strength of how well magnets held the heavy paper to the board. Our wish was to have black frame (it fits the style of our living room), so we were done with painting as soon as the last layer of magnet paint had dried. But if we would have liked to have our art frame in other color – we would at first need to make magnet paint layers even stronger, and would paint the board with at least two more layers.

4. He inserted hooks for hanging the picture and connected them with wire. Then he glued protective padding circle on each corner of frame´s other side to protect the wall against scratches (picture 4).

Magnet frame for art has a look of canvas frame and makes it very easy to change art on it in few minutes.

5. We placed the painting on the frame and attached it with our super magnets at regular distances. I wanted to create a look as if the painting was nailed to the frame. For the painting you see on the pictures (size 100×70 cm) we needed 40 magnets, so that they would hold the hard paper close to the frame and it would look as part of canvas frame (pictures 5-7).
One can also play with arranging the magnets otherwise – arrange many of them in some place, and use fewer in some other place, or incorporate them inside the painting.

And the job was done! Changing the picture now takes me only 2 minutes! I just love it…
We play with the looks of our room simply by changing the art or decoration on this magnet frame or around it. As in this example for Winter Ornament Display.

Let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial! What do you think about this way of displaying art? Any suggestions for making the best use of it?

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3 Responses to How To Make Magnet Frame for Art: DIY Tutorial

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  2. jul says:

    Thanks for that you are so cool, had a large flip calendar with pics I liked and a large white blank canvas, am storing the pics in the back of the frame and going to use your mag mount technique to change these pics. Had wondered how I was going to do it at first – then – ta dah – your great idea.

    Many thanks
    This is my first recycled item yayyyy!

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