How To Make Coffee Table Ottoman: DIY Tutorial

REAL COMFORT be it! It means: WE NEED MORE THAN A COFFEE TABLE and we want to use RECYCLED, REPURPOSED and CHEAP MATERIALS. We need a coffee table with sturdy surface, but SOFT enough to serve us as ottoman TO REST our feet while reading, handcrafting or watching a movie. It needs to be BIG enough to accommodate not only 2-3 pairs of feet, but also a tray with drinks and snacks. We want it to be MOBILE so we can push it aside when freeing up space in the room for yoga workout. We want it to SERVE US as table, when we sit on the floor around it and enjoy indian style meal. And once there is a bigger party – we want it to be a BIG BENCH for up to four guests. And we love VARIETY, so we want it to be EASY to change the covers of our multifunctional furniture Darling whenever we feel like having a fresh look.


A. Four feet – (we used cheap Ikea candle holders bought on sale few months ago).
B. Wheels (make sure they can hold the weight you plan to place on ottoman).
C. Wooden board in the size of ottoman surface (we got ours in hardware store).
D. Soft foam cushions for the surface area (we used sofa cushions from thrift store).
E. Batting fabric. Length and width that covers= the top of ottoman + 2 x side of it + 5 cm (2″). In our case the shape of ottoman was square, and the length and width of batting fabric was 80+2×16+5=117 cm (46″)
F. Fabric for surface that needs to cover the batting fabric, foam cushion and be attached with staples to the wooden board with wheels. The length and width of this fabric is 5 cm (4″) bigger than of batting fabric.
G. Staple gun and staples.
H. Drill and screws (to attach the feet and wheels).
I. Velcro tape with length of 4 edges of top, and fabric for making the changeable cover.

Step by step description of how to make mobile Coffee Table Ottoman is below pictures.


1. We He drilled the holes in feet (picture 2), and attached the wheels with screws to the feet (picture 3).

2. I marked the places on the board where I wanted feet to be, so it would look good. He drilled the holes in the opposite side of feet from wheels, and also on the bottom of the board (making sure that drill did not reach the surface of the board). He fixed the feet with screws to the board. The basis of the ottoman was done (picture 4).

3. We wanted to have quite a big surface for ottoman table (80×80 cm). The width of our cushions was not enough. We had to join two cushions, but needed to cut one of them, so that together they would form the square. To be able to make a nice and straight cut, he used the straps to attach the cushions to the board, put the painter´s tape on the cushion that was over the edge of the board to mark the straight line for cutting, and then cut the straight line with the saw (pictures 5, 6 & 7).

4. I used 3 wide fabric straps from old bed sheet to fix both cushions together. And one more fabric strap I put across those three straps, right on the joining line, so that this line would not be noticeable on the finished furniture (picture 8).

5. It was time to fix the cushion to the board. I put the top fabric on the floor, then put the batting fabric on it, then cushion on top of them. And finally – I put the board upside down (picture 9). Everything needed to be centered.

6. Then I folded 2.5 cm (0.5″) of the white fabric so it would cover the edges of batting fabric (in picture it is pinky). Then I attached both fabrics with staple gun to the board (picture 10). And our new Coffee Table Ottoman Darling was completed (picture 11). But it was bare. It wanted needed to be given some nice outfit.

 7. To be able to change the covers in easy way, I stapled the sticky part of velcro tape near the edges of the bottom of our new Darling. The other part of velcro tape, the soft part, I sewed near the inner edges of the cover (picture 12). Now it is very easy to put on and take off the cover. When cover is put on- it is well fixed to the ottoman (picture 13).
Making the cover depends on the type of cover one wants to have. Therefore, these tutorials will be explained separately.

It is time to enjoy a cup of hot tea, freshly baked cinnamon buns, and watch a nice movie (picture 14).

If you want to get one more inspiration for making COFFEE TABLE – check out this tutorial about making yourself LACE PAINTED COFFEE TABLE from recycled materials.

Let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial!
What is your furniture darling that serves you well while “…staying at home for REAL COMFORT”?

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16 Responses to How To Make Coffee Table Ottoman: DIY Tutorial

  1. STYLIZIMO says:

    Wow! How creative – I love it!
    Thank you so much for all the information about the juniper tree. It´s nice to know that it actually will take away bad spirits. I will definitely find some branches next time I´m out in the woods… Thank you for the tips :)

    Enjoy this festive season!
    Hugs, Nina

  2. Fabulous! We also have giant ottoman and it is SO comfy.

  3. Debbie says:

    I am SO doing this over the weekend! I hate our hard table. Not comfy to rest your legs on.

    • Debbie, your legs will be most thankful to you. Your family and guests will also appreciate your new soft ottoman. I know it from our experience – this ottoman is highly valued at our home :-)

  4. I love the colors and the idea. Thank you.

  5. Great tutorial. I’ve had an oversized ottoman ‘in progress’ for some months now. Inspired by yours to keep going on it. Shared yours with my FB readers today.

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  8. cat baldwin says:

    awesome! where did you find the foam for your project?

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