Crafts room: DIY Inspiration board on doors

The skeleton in my crafts´closet is certainly having lots of fun while dancing. It seldom gets disturbed by my rare attacks of rearranging order chaos that surrounds it. I have a small working room which also serves as a guest room. Well, that means: in the corner of my small working room there is a simple single bed for guests. When we have no guests, the bed is covered with stack of fabrics, yarn, books and other inspiring and (un)necessary materials that I am using for projects that I currently work on (have been working on, or will work on in the future unclearly named: “soon“). In fact, all those materials should be stored in the closet standing in front of the bed. But then, I can not see all those wonderful materials that (can) serve me as inspiration. And even when they are piled up on the bed – it´s not enough place to display my necessary inspiration sources. That´s how the doors of my crafting supplies´closet got remodeled into Inspiration Pinboard.

SHORT HISTORY OF CUPBOARD: It is IKEA closet that my husband´s flat mate gave him in his previous life as a bachelor. It used to be black (the closet, and well, maybe that past life too?), and had that plastic, kind-of-shutter-looking covers on the doors. Black color did not fit into my nice working room – I was setting it up for lady-kind-of-crafting activities. So, the closet got painted white. But those black plastic relief parts from doors would not hold the paint properly. And they got torn down and thrown away. Underneath was the sight you can see on the picture 1. Perfect for creatting something that would hold my pins! :-) Below I have described the steps of how to make such inspiration board.

A. Foam board.
B. Spray glue.
C. Fabric (I used the curtain that I had bought in thrift store).
D. Scissors (to cut the fabric), Pins for whatever feels like being pinned on the surface.


1. Foam board was cut in four rectangular pieces to fit the four empty places on the doors (picture 1).

2. Then fabric was cut in four rectangular pieces that were about 5-10 cm bigger than cut foam boards. It was needed to be able to glue the fabric on the foam boards, so that the edges of fabric would be below the surface (picture 2).

3. Glue was sprayed on the foam boards – the top surface, sides and about 5 cm edge of the other side of board. Then boards got covered with fabric, making sure that fabric was flat and even (picture 2). Unnecessary fabric got cut off.

4. The surface of closet´s doors was slightly sprayed with glue. We wanted to have option to be able to take these boards out whenever we would feel like changing the fabric. The boards were cut so precisely that foam boards, when covered with fabric, were holding inside the doors without any glue. Still, we put on bits of glue, just to be sure that skeleton´s dancing would not make those boards to fall out later. Then boards got inserted into doors (picture 3).
And here it was – self made Inspiration board. All so ready for my inspirational pinning activities.
Well, who knew that in such a near future I would be pinning actively like crazy on my many more boards in Pinterest… However, I also happily keep using my inspiration board of skeleton´s dancing room – my crafts´ closet.

Are you using Pinterest to pin? How has it influenced your use of other inspiration boards in your interior?

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